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OIR Computer Group

Survive and Enjoy the Digital Age

Series of 10 - 2 hour meetings in Largs Library starting September 18th 2018

10 – 12 noon Cost £25

The pace of technical change in recent years has been extraordinary and developments in the use of computers of all kinds have and continue to play a big part. This series of meetings is intended for members who are interested in making a fuller, more enjoyable, and safer use of a computer tablet, smartphone, or other digital device.It is likely to be of interest to those with some years of experience as well as near beginners.

Participants will be loaned a recent book entitled ‘Survive and Thrive in the Digital Age’ by Tom Wakeling. In my view this is an excellent up to date and readable attempt to help us grasp the relevance of the technology that we need to understand and select those applications that are likely to give us most satisfaction and enjoyment.

The series of meetings will be structured around selected chapters in this book e.g. shopping, entertainment, security, finance, holidays, car technology, photos, keeping in touch, books, and so on. For example – issues about online shopping.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

How pay for what you ordered? Use of PayPal and similar services

What happens after you ordered?

Any experience of pitfalls in the procedure ?

Did you check returns policy?

What is Amazon Prime? Alternatives to Amazon

Have you thought of using eBay?

Finding and reading customer and professional reviews

 The practical knowledge and experience of particular applications will obviously vary amongst members. A key feature of these meetings will be the opportunity for members to exchange ideas, report problems encountered, and outline the most attractive aspects to them of particular applications.

To state the obvious – we are all getting older and need to adapt to what we can enjoyably do with reduced ability- e.g eyesight. Those with a mobility problem will find that Largs Library has much above average access for those needing to use mobility aids. Those needing to use a mobility scooter will be offered the use of a rollater for the final move to the Meeting Room.

The first meeting on Tuesday 18th September is open to any member wanting to know more before coming to a decision. Please come along and find out if the series of meetings is likely to be of interest to you.

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Charity registered in Scotland - SC012153.