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Digital Photography Workshop Cost £25

10 two hour meetings starting at 10 am on Tuesday May 8th in Largs Library

First Meeting on Tuesday May 8thPlease come along if you are at all interested in digital photography but are not aiming at prize winning photos or spending a lot of time on this particular hobby. In some ways it is a continuation of the iPad courses run during the last 2 years as it will look in some detail at the editing and processing that can be done with existing software on a tablet(iPad or Android) and any makes of phone capable of taking photos. It may also appeal to those whose prime interest is in old photos. The content of the course/workshop will be explained more fully at the first meeting.

Two major areas of interest can be identified.

(1) Many members possess heavy, old, and probably expensive cameras but now make little use of them because a pc tablet such as an iPad or a smartphone is easier to use and almost immediately one can send pictures around the world to friends and family. I believe that many such users make little use of the editing features readily available at little or no extra cost, and would enjoy finding out more about the immediately available technology for editing and printing such photos.

(2) Many, perhaps all, of our members possess collections of family photos that were taken in the past, perhaps a few dating back to pre 1900 and more since 1945. Many now have large numbers of photos stored somewhere in the house as collections of single prints and 35mm slides. What can be done to make these more readily available to ourselves and to our children or grandchildren now and contain basic information that would make them useful in say 50 years time?

The Computer Group has a number of items that participants will be able to use. For example, on my desk I have a *ION FILM2SD’, a 35mm film and slide scanner that proclaims on its box ‘No computer required!’ - a slightly misleading statement if you want to use the results of your scanning. This scanner and another similar device has a number of holders for the slides and it would be possible for several members to practise with the same scanner as placing slides into a holder and feeding in new slides takes longer than the actual scanning. Managing the results of such scanning can seem to be a formidable task and worth learning from the experience of others. This course/workshop will pay particular attention to the ways and means of digitising older formats of photographs so that copies can be safely given to and stored by friends and families.

The first meeting on May 8th will help in devising a suitable programme. You can then decide whether you wish to continue.

John Turcan 1st May 2018













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Charity registered in Scotland - SC012153.