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One small step

Eric applies the finishes touches to our new Office

...well almost, hopefully the sign will be in place in time for our opening on Monday.

One small step for man...

one giant leap for OIR.

Our address is 133 Main Street, Largs, KA30 8JH


Opening hours will be 10.00 am. until noon, on Weekdays.


Tickets are available from the Office for the following:

Burrell Collection & Riverside Museum, Glasgow.
Friday 6th May
Cost £25, including Lunch.

Royal Highland Show, Ingliston.
Friday 24th June
Cost £35, including entry fee.

Arts Festival, Pittenweem.
Tuesday 9th August
Cost £25, no entry fees involved.

Payment by cheque is much appreciated, although we never refuse cash !


Meanwhile, another crossword from Cisley Moss

April 2016


1     Presence - yours is welcome at OIR meetings! (10)
7     Perhaps used in Barry Morgan’s class... (3,5)
8     ...where this is also a feature (4)
9     An informal word for 8 across (4)
10   Landed properties like Kelburn in Largs (7)
12   A class led by Edith MacKenzie (11)
14   First or best (7)
16   Slip, losing control (4)
19   Informal dances (4)
20   Nothing specific (8)
21   Busy schedule (6,4)


1    Friendliness (5)
2    Current, up to the minute (7)
3    A less common word for innocent (4)
4    Skill or style (8)
5    Chocolatey beverage (5)
6    Security (6)
11   The Intelligentsia (8)
12   Pointer on a computer (6)
13   Chinese white cabbage (7)
15   Tunes, harmonies, etc. (5)
17   A ball (5)
18   Use a word processor (4)


We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Eric Niven, who has been the major factor in the gaining of our new premises. From scouring the town for somewhere suitable and within our means, to his persistence in ensuring that progress was made, unfortunately much more slowly than he liked, or had anticipated.

Thank you Eric.

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Charity registered in Scotland - SC012153.