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From: Eric Niven - Treasurer

Date: May 2020


Please note that the Royal Bank has added a bar code to their pay-in slips. We have been instructed to destroy all the old ones and to use only the new ones from now on.

I have a supply of the new slips that I will get to one of your group unless you usually use an alternative method to deposit your cash e.g. handing it into the office for the duty representative to bank.

As there is a limited supply of deposit envelopes from the Bank at present please let me know if you require any. I will include plastic cash bags with the envelopes.

May I remind you that it is important for us to know which group is responsible for each deposit. There were a number of ‘anonymous’ credits last session which couldn’t be attributed to any group.

I hope this finds you well and we will see progress towards a return of at least some of our regular activities before too long.


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Charity registered in Scotland - SC012153.