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Hi all

 Further to my last email of 21 August I have had a few replies from Group leaders who were interested in trying ‘zoom’ sessions if OIR purchased a Zoom Pro account.  Unfortunately only one person could host the meetings so it was found to be unsuitable for many groups to use.  However, it was decided to offer one month’s free trial of Zoom Pro to any group which would be paid from our funds.  If they wish to continue with Zoom Pro the groups would require to pay for it themselves.  The cost per month is approximately £14.  If anyone is interested please let me know.

 At the moment Bridge, Drama, French, Guitar, Intermediate Italian, Play & Poetry, Yoga, Enjoy Music and Zumba are all using zoom or skype sessions and these seem to be successful.  We know this does not suit all groups and some have already emailed to say they will not be meeting in this way.  Could all group leaders who are meeting remotely please remind their attendees that they should renew their membership.  Although groups are not meeting in the conventional way the organisation is still working to keep in touch with as many as possible and our overheads for office, insurance etc. continue.  This is to ensure we will be ready to restart whenever we are allowed.

 Unfortunately there does not seem to be any easing of Covid 19 restrictions at present or in the near future but we will continue to try to keep in touch with our members as best we can and the Committee are extremely grateful to all Group Leaders and hope it will not be too long before we can get back to some normality whatever that may be.

 Kind regards


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Charity registered in Scotland - SC012153.