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A gentle reminder of the above talk to be delivered remotely, via Zoom, on Wednesday 7th October at 2 pm. 

You will be well-aware of the Clyde’s impressive shipbuilding history and the subsequent regeneration of the area, which included the infilling of Prince’s Dock to accommodate the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988.

To learn more about this, why not join us for what promises to be a very interesting talk, delivered by the Revd T.Alastair McLachlan, retired Church of Scotland Minister.

Unfortunately, the interest shown so far is embarrassingly low. 

As the Speaker has gone to the trouble of preparing his Power-point presentation for us, the Committee would appreciate if more Members requested the link to the talk.

If you have never used Zoom before then please do not let that deter you. Listening to the talk could be a good way of familiarising yourself with Zoom.

If you would like to participate in this talk, which is free to Members, then please request the link by e-mailing me at:

or click on: which will open your own e-mail and save you from typing my address.

 I look forward to seeing you on 7th October.


Jean Stuart


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Charity registered in Scotland - SC012153.